Breakdown of Bayhawks' All Star Nomimees

By Mary Gonzales |  5/24/12 7:00 AM

Breakdown of Bayhawks' All Star Nomimees

ANNAPOLIS, MD- Fan voting has begun for the 2012 MLL All-Star Game to be held in Palm Beach County, FL on Saturday, June 30th.  Of the all the candidates listed on the ballot, thirteen are from the Chesapeake Bayhawks roster, spanning eight of the ten categories.

In the category of Attack-Young Guns, the nominee from Chesapeake is Danny Glading.  So far this season, Glading has tallied 6 goals and 2 assists, which bring his career totals to 52 goals and 42 assists over 38 games.  

The Chesapeake hopefuls nominated in the category of Attack-Old School include John Grant, Jr., Ben Rubeor, and Drew Westervelt.  In his first game appearance as a Bayhawk, Grant, Jr. added 2 goals and 4 assists to his career stats now totaling 223 goals, 18 two-point goals, 119 assists, and 129 ground  balls in over 88 games.  Currently in his fourth season as a Bayhawk, Rubeor has brought his career totals to 54 goals, 28 assists, and 73 ground balls.  After five seasons in Denver recording 118 goals, 60 assists, and 76 groundballs, Westervelt has added 5 goals, 4 assists, and 7 ground balls this season as a Bayhawk.

Matt Abbott, Ben Hunt, and Michael Kimmel have been nominated under the category of Midfield-Young Guns.  In his fourth season with Chesapeake, Abbott has brought his career totals to 21 goals, 13 assists, and 131 groundballs.  Also in his fourth season as a Bayhawk, Hunt has recorded 51 goals, 8 two-point goals, 12 assists, and 25 groundballs over 31 games.  So far this season Kimmel has scored 9 goals and 1 two-point goals bringing his career stats to 26 goals, 15 assists, and 16 ground balls over three seasons with Chesapeake. 

The Midfield-Old School nominees from Chesapeake are Steven Brooks and Kyle Dixon.  Brooks has recorded 49 goals, 7 two-point goals, 17 assists, and 37 groundballs over a career of 31 games.   In his seventh season as a Bayhawk, Dixon has brought his career totals to 108 one-point goals, 38 two-point goals, 62 assists, and 89 groundballs. 

The nominee representing Chesapeake in the category of Defense-Young Guns is Michael Evans.  In his fourth season with the Bayhawks, Evans has a career total of 13 groundballs over 35 games.

In his eleventh season in the MLL, Brian Spallina is one of the nominees for Defense-Old School.  Currently in his first season with Chesapeake, Spallina has made his presence known in the four games so far. 

Kip Turner has been nominated in the category of Goalie.  After five years with the Cannons, Turner has begun his first year as a Bayhawk recording 12 saves to bring his MLL career total to 510 saves.

In the category of Face-Off, the nominee from Chesapeake is Adam Rand.  Rand is in his first season as a Bayhawk, already recording 1 assist, 15 ground balls, and 57 face-off wins, bringing his career total to 35 groundballs and 118 face-off wins over 11 games.

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