MLL Champ Weekend Games Still On

8/26/11 2:30 PM

MLL Champ Weekend Games Still On

  • Major League Lacrosse games are played in all types of weather conditions unless it is determined by the league office that such conditions present a potential safety hazard to players and fans.  Lightning is one example of a potential safety hazard.
  • In the event of weather conditions that present a potential safety hazard, games will be delayed until a time at which it is deemed that the safety of players and fans is no longer threatened.
  • Major League Lacrosse is monitoring the weather forecast for this weekend in Annapolis and currently anticipates that all games will take place as scheduled.
  • In the event that any of the games are changed, this will be announced promptly and will be communicated through, Facebook and Twitter.

Please call 207-841-9432 for any questions or concerns.

04/19 4:00PM EST vs Launch (W)  12 - 8 Recap
04/26 1:00PM EST @ Launch (W)  11 - 15 Recap
05/03 4:00PM EST vs Machine (L)  9 - 12 Recap
05/10 1:00PM EST @ Hounds (W)  10 - 14 Recap
05/16 5:00PM EST @ Lizards (L)  15 - 14 Recap
05/25 9:00PM EST @ Outlaws (L)  17 - 10 Recap
05/30 7:00PM EST vs Rattlers (L)  11 - 15 Recap
06/06 7:00PM EST vs Outlaws (W)  15 - 12 Recap
06/20 7:00PM EST @ Machine (W)  11 - 12 Recap
06/28 4:00PM EST @ Cannons (L)  14 - 11 Recap
07/02 7:30PM EST vs Lizards Buy Tickets More Info
07/12 1:00PM EST @ Rattlers Buy Tickets More Info
07/16 7:30PM EST vs Cannons Buy Tickets More Info
07/25 7:00PM EST vs Hounds Buy Tickets More Info
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