Catching Up with Danny Glading

2/28/11 5:00 AM

Catching Up with Danny Glading

Danny Glading- Attack #9

Birthday: December 17, 1986

Currently Living: Baltimore, MD

High School: Georgetown Prep

College: University of Virginia

Full-time job: Institutional Sales at Signal Hill Capital Group

CHESAPEAKE BAYHAWKS (CB):       What have you been doing in the off-season to prepare for this summer? 

DANNY GLADING (DG):I've just been staying as active as I can.  I play a lot of basketball and play in an indoor soccer league.  Also, through helping coach a 4th and 5th grade winter lacrosse clinic, I've been able to keep a stick in my hands. 

CB:          What motivates you to stay in the league and give your all every weekend in the summer? 

DG:     We have a great group of people within the Bayhawks organization on the field and behind the scenes.  We also have a growing fan base with little kids who look forward to watching us play. 

CB:     How did you first get involved in the sport of lacrosse? Who, if anyone, inspired you to start playing?

DG:     My first team was when I was a 3rd grader.  Like a lot of kids with older siblings, I looked up to my other brothers Billy and Matt and would have played whichever sports they were playing at the time.  Luckily, they both stuck with lacrosse and I tagged along as usual.   

CB:     Outside of lacrosse, what are you passionate about?

DG:     Recently I have become somewhat of an avid reader. My mom was an English teacher for many years and I swear has read almost every book in I normally rely on her suggestions.   

CB:     What is your favorite weekend activity?

DG:     If the weather is going to be nice, I am normally scrambling around on Thursday and Friday afternoons to round-up a foursome for golf.  Although very challenging and frustrating at times, golf with a fun group of family or friends is my favorite weekend activity. 

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